From the recording Let It All Be Yours

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(Verse 1)
The glass half empty
Calls me a misguided full
For believing
I can move the mountains in my way
The voice of the many
Point me to an empty truth
Saying all my efforts are in vein
If it's true
That I am strong within my weakness
Then it's true
That faith will show me
That there are

No ashes I can't rise from
No water I can't walk on
No truth I have to run from
No wings that I can't ride on
I can dance in the darkness
I'm not afraid anymore
Let the rain pour down heavens glory
Let it all be Yours
Let it all be Yours

(Verse 2)
I find myself speaking
Words I thought I'd never say
Like holy like worthy
And you alone deserve all the praise
I can do all things
Reach out to the broken in your name
All it takes is stepping out in faith
If it's true Your hand is somehow
Working through me
Then it's true Your love will show me
That there are


For every leap of faith
There is a moment
Where I step out into nothing I can see
Knowing I can fall into Your presence
That's how I know that there will never be


Let it all be yours
Let it all be yours
Let it all be yours