1. Deeper Places

From the recording Let It All Be Yours

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(Verse 1)
I give myself to You today
To be completely swept away
Lost inside the glory of Your love
As deep calls unto deep
Oh Lord my soul cries out for You alone
Drowned within the river of Your heart

(Misc 1)

You bring Your life to my soul
I'm alive in You
Let Your Kingdom shine through my life
I want more of You

(Chorus 1)
I wanna go to the deeper places
Deeper places Lord
To know the dreams of Your heart
I wanna find all the secret places
The hidden places Lord
'Til there's nothing left to know
I'll be completely Yours

(Verse 2)
Awaken every part of me
The buried places I can't see
Ignite my heart with love uncompromised
Your Presence is my sole desire
I long to burn with holy fire
And demonstrate
Your power here on earth

(Misc 2)

I love You Lord
With every breath I sing for all eternity

(Misc 3)

I lift Your Name up
I lift Your Name up
I lift Your Name up
Jesus be glorified